Drink & Meal Pairings: Sip and Sizzle

Apple pie and ice cream. French fries and ketchup. Steak and red wine. Some things just go together. While we can’t speak for two out of the three of those combinations, R&R Quality Meats does have a few thoughts about drinks that pair with meat. If you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing beverage and high-quality meat, look no further! We can provide the meat, you pour the drinks, and let’s get ready to have a great meal.

As we mentioned, steak and red wine go together, but it turns out there’s actually science behind this common combo. The tannins in red wine help break down the protein in steak. The steak also helps the wine: the fat in the steak cuts down the wine’s acidity. This synergy makes steak and wine lovers equally happy. If you are a fan, pairing a steak with a dark red can be an ideal culinary experience. Not a fan of wine but still love your steak? If you’re still looking for an alcoholic option, whiskey is also a great companion to steak, as the caramel, earthy notes of whiskey will bring out the flavor of the meat in different ways. If you want something non-alcoholic, give cranberry or pomegranate juice a try. These juices both contain tannins, and if you find them too sweet or tart, cut it with water or add some carbonation with club soda.

Chicken often gets paired with lighter drinks. Citrusy or fruity beverages typically balance and enhance the flavor of chicken. In terms of wine, chicken has some versatility and can be enjoyed with red or white, although typically for reds, you will want to head towards a nice Syrah to add an earthy flavor. Because chicken itself is a very versatile meat, your drink will change accordingly. The best advice is to decide whether or not you want your beverage to enhance the flavor of your meat or contrast it. Enhancing, or mirroring, a dish usually involves picking a beverage with similar flavors; lemon chicken piccata would be refreshing with Italian lemonade. Contrasting, on the other hand, can highlight flavors by making them distinct.

Seafood is a similar story to chicken: because it can be prepared in a number of different ways, you have tons of options. With seafood, however, consider picking a beverage that does not have a super strong flavor, as many seafood dishes are already rich in flavors. Citrus and crisp beverages are great with most seafoods, like white wine, sparkling water with lemon or lime, but feel free to drink whatever your taste buds want.

We’ve talked about drinks that go with foods, but here’s a bonus: the next time you make a Bloody Mary, fry up some bacon from R&R Quality Meats, dry excess grease and cool, and use it as a garnish. The smoky meat and spicy tomato flavors of Bloody Mary mix is a great combination for brunches.


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