• What to Look for When Buying Seafood

    Many of us love seafood, but we have a tendency to stick to what we know and we aren’t exactly sure how to choose the best seafood. When walking into a deli or grocery store, you probably don’t know how fresh their fish is, where it came from, or what qualities to look for. The following tips can help you know what you should be looking for to make sure your seafood is fresh and high quality.

    Fish Fillets

    For fish fillets with the skin still on them, look for it to be shiny and metallic in appearance. Fish fillets should not feature a pungent aroma. If there’s any liquid on the fillet, make sure it’s clear and not milky. Milky fluid is the first stage of rot. If allowed, push down on the fillet with your finger and ensure that it’s resilient enough so your fingerprint is not left behind.

    Whole Fish

    The four main components that can help you determine if seafood is fresh and high quality are the eyes, the flesh, the smell, and the gills.

    • Eyes – When it comes to fresh fish, the eyes have it. It may seem like a funny suggestion, but take a look into the eyes of the fish you are considering. Bright and clear eyes suggest a fresh fish, whereas dull eyes indicate a fish that may be past its prime.
    • Flesh – You should be looking for a fish’s flesh to be shiny and moist. Avoid fish with dull flesh or discolored patches because it might not be so fresh.
    • Smell – Fresh fish shouldn’t smell like much at all. If it does have a smell to it, it should remind you of the ocean, where it recently came from. A sour smell or an ammonia-like smell both indicate that you should probably move on to another fish.
    • Gills – Fresh fish usually have bright red or pink gills, but be careful because sometimes they’re removed. Muddy brown or faded brick colored gills are signs that the fish might not be fresh.

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  • How Eating Seafood Can Benefit Your Health

    Once most people taste some delicious seafood they don’t have to be convinced. With that being said, there are still plenty of Americans who choose not to eat seafood, and they likely don’t realize the health benefits they’re missing out on.

    Seafood provides plenty of protein and is relatively low in what are considered bad fats. Out of all animal proteins, seafood has the least amount of fat. One of the biggest benefits of eating seafood is the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids it provides. Health benefits of those omega-3s include:

    • Improving and maintaining cardiovascular health
    • Assisting in the regulation of vessel constriction and blood clotting
    • Decreasing the symptoms of depression
    • Reducing tissue inflammation and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
    • Correcting irregular heartbeats
    • Slower mental decline in the elderly

    Eating fish provides many important nutrients that can’t be obtained from eating other foods. Fish has high amounts of iodine, vitamins, and minerals. Seafood contains high amounts of fat-soluble vitamin D, and that’s important because more than 40% of people in the U.S. are deficient in that vitamin. Eating seafood has several other health benefits including:

    • Lowered risk of heart attacks and strokes
    • Reduced risk of developing type 1 diabetes
    • Improved sleep
    • Decreased risk of macular degeneration leading to vision impairment and blindness

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