7 Tips for a Weekly Meal Prep the Entire Family will Love

As life becomes ever more hectic, family dinners become more and more difficult to manage. Trying to manage family activities, make time for dinner together, and serve healthy food all at the same time can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, with some planning and one day with time set aside for prep, you can balance it all like a champ.

  1. Set aside some time to carefully plan. Think about the events, extra-curricular activities, and everything else your family has going on during the week, and plan your meals accordingly. Glean inspiration from your favorite store’s sales flyer, and check your pantry for staples ahead of the week.
  2. Plan multiple meals around one meat. Chicken, for example, is quite versatile. This Crockpot Pulled Chicken can be served on its own, with side dishes, or incorporated into pasta dishes, quesadillas, sandwiches, stuffed potatoes, tacos, and more. Whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, or fish, cooking your protein ahead of time makes weeknight dinners much easier.
  3. Wash and chop produce for smooth weekday meal prep. Wash berries, cut up pineapple, make carrot sticks, and chop celery. Wash and dry salad greens, and prepare other elements of your perfect salad, for assembly when needed. Produced that’s already prepared is much easier to incorporate into meals.
  4. Grains are easy to prepare ahead of time. Pasta, rice, and other grains will keep for about three days and are good for dinners and lunches.
  5. Do all your baking on prep day. Recipes like this one for Veggie Bacon Frittata Cups make for easy weekday breakfasts, and if you bake your own cookies and other treats you can control what’s in your sweets. If your family enjoys muffins and bread, those are also great to bake on your meal prep day. Take advantage of the hot oven to bake potatoes, sweet potatoes, and any other vegetables you’d like to roast for your week’s meals.
  6. Simmer some sauces, for meals all week long. Make a batch of your favorite red sauce, or try something a little different like this Broccoli Pesto . Having homemade sauces on hand is healthier for your family than relying on the jarred versions.
  7. Don’t forget about snacks. Family dinners are important, but snacks keep the family fueled throughout the week. By preparing healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go, you’ll be promoting healthy eating and making it easy for yourself. Boiled eggs, fruits and veggies, yogurts, and hummus are all good options that are easy to have on hand. Portioning things like crackers, chips, and nuts into baggies makes it simple to grab a snack without overindulging.

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